Podcast Subscription Tutorial (Android)

July 25, 2016

Android: Podcast Addict

For Additional support please visit Podcast Addicts' FAQ support page or Google search the problem you are having.  Apologia is a podcast and does not provide technical support.

Click here to download the images the accompany this walk-through.

Step 1: Download and open Podcast Addict

Step 2: Press the "+" button at the top right of the app.

Step 3: Select the top right button "Add RSS feed, YouTube channel, Soundcloud url"

Step 4: Enter the podcast feed "http://rtbapologia.podbean.com/securefeed"  and check the box "Authentication".

(Special thanks to Rick Lindwall for the update)

Step 5: Enter username and password with the appropriate login information you received in your welcome email and Click "Add"

Step 6: After Apologia loads click on the moon phase logo, then enter into the podcast, then select the episode you'd like to listen to, you can "play"

[To learn more about how to download, set up automatic subscriptions and episode clean up, please look at the podcast "Setting" and refer to tutorials to learn how to use this app (or any other app you may choose to use instead.)  This tutorial is provided for your convenience, Apologia is a podcast we do not provide technical support for your device nor training for how to use it.]